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Signature Presentations

How to Stay Relevant in an Increasingly Diverse Environment 

Recognizing the Value of Cultural Competency

Diversity and inclusion offers optimal returns for companies, their employees, customers, and stakeholders. Identifying the importance of understanding cultural values and attitudes for effective financial planning engagement helps us uncover the planning needs of racially-diverse clients.


This presentation covers important topics like:

  • How behavioral psychology, such as a client’s comfort zone, impacts a client’s objectives, goals, understanding, decision making and actions

  • Who represents the next wave racially diverse clients, using African Americans and their evolving personal financial needs and objectives as a representative population

  • How to better understand this next-gen client’s cultural values and attitudes to ensure alignment with a planner’s recommendations

  • How to build trust through understanding their unique challenges and opportunities


Financial Planning for the Rest of Us

A Holistic Guide to Building Wealth

Contrary to popular belief, financial planning is for the rest of us—not just the 1%. Lazetta believes everyone should have confidence in their finances and a financial plan that helps them live a secure and abundant life. Money should support your vision for your life, not control it. The journey to abundant living requires the courage and desire to live the life and legacy you deserve.

This presentation covers important topics like:

  • The steps to conquer fear and shame around money

  • How to make the most out of what you have

  • How to clarify your commitments and achieve your goals in ways that reflect your needs and values



Own Your Unique Voice to Grow Your Business

Dive into the empowerment zone! This session will ignite your inner powerhouse. Learn to celebrate your unique voice, shatter barriers confidently, and propel your success through dynamic growth strategies. Discover how to navigate the ever-evolving landscape with agility and innovation, leading change and redefining what it means to excel.

This presentation covers important topics like:

  • Embrace your inner strength and honor your journey as a trusted guide and voice.

  • Shape your Personal Existence Statement™ and develop a personal brand that reflects your values, style, and purpose.

  • Harness your business strategy by studying trends, leveraging social media, building strong relationships, and nurturing joy as you expand your reach and impact.


Business Culture for Impact

Building Teams that Drive Both Profit and Purpose

This session cracks the code on weaving social impact seamlessly into your business DNA. Dive into strategies for attracting and empowering talent who share your passion for change. Foster a collaborative culture where innovation and social responsibility thrive. 

This presentation covers important topics like:

  • Discover secrets to identifying and recruiting talent who ignite your impact mission.

  • Craft a collaborative environment where purpose fuels creativity.

  • Implement strategies to nurture your team's social impact alongside financial metrics.


Charging Ahead with Care and Courage

Empowering Strategies in Navigating the DEIB Journey

How can allies, and in particular women, care for themselves while tending to the incredible task of elevating Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) efforts in the financial services industry? Lazetta shares key pieces of information that have helped her forge ahead with care and courage and the three charges she has for DEIB allies.

This presentation covers important topics like:

  • Rebalancing the scales between leading the charge and carrying the load

  • How the industry’s DEIB journey continues to measure up, and where the road leads from here

  • How allies can and should use their privilege and access for the greater good

  • How to prepare yourself emotionally and financially for the next stage of the journey

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